National Cultural Heritage Society

The National Cultural Heritage Society is an association of organizations and members that promote community based tourism projects, in support of the National Cultural Heritage Tourism Initiative. The Initiative was developed in partnership between the Florida Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc., Pensacola, Florida and the National Black Chambers of Commerce, Inc.; Washington, D.C. The society is responsible for the management of the National Cultural Heritage e-Tourism Center, Inc.  Additionally, the National Cultural Heritage Society is responsible for the creation and development of duplicatible “e- Museums” and project templates, in support of the society’s membership.


The National Cultural Heritage Society primary focus will always be recruiting people of faith to ‘Rebuild the Walls” in historic African American communities.  The National Cultural Heritage Tourism Center was created to promote the cultures and traditions of people of African descent and how their faith and belief affected the development of their communities and lifestyles.  Culture, history, and the arts have long appealed to tourist and routinely contribute to their selection of a tourism/travel destination. In recent years ‘culture’ has been rediscovered as an important marketing tool to attract travelers with special interests in the arts and history.  Hospitality and entertainment venues are being developed that cater to this trend. Why, because cultural heritage tourism is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry. The demand by business and cultural travelers for new cultural experiences has allowed many traditional historic African American communities to be re-discovered and redeveloped by local government. This renewed interest is a great opportunity for societies to be created that will be dedicated to “Rebuilding the Walls” in our communities.




Rebuilding the Walls - Join the Movement!


Almost everyone today would agree that the greatest country ever created is America. It is the only known country to ever be created as a result of ideals;, “The Freedom of self-determination and “Freedom of Religion”. The Mayflower set sail for the New Lands because they sought freedom of religion. This was truly the beginning of the foundation of the America we have come to know, love, and defend. A nation of immigrants, slaves, and Native Americans; built cultural communities, fueled by hope and spiritual principles. This hope, this desire for freedom, called to people across the globe; and they came and built cities and communities; and prospered.


Now it is our time. Our communities and its people are suffering. It is time for us to take our Christian faith, our combined skill, our hopes and dreams, our culture and heritage and put them to work Rebuilding the Walls and Preserving the Culture and History in our communities. Our faith has is the strength of our culture and our faith has sustained us through the most trying of circumstances and conditions. Let us not forget the works of ‘Our Ancestors’ and the gifts they gave us.  Our culture, our heritage, our unique talents and skills, and most importantly; our faith; it is time for us to revisit our roots and reclaim the faith and visions of our past. We have the skills and knowledge base to claim the opportunities America has in store, by coming together as a community and focusing on rebuilding our own forty acres. If a service or product is needed, we can provide it; we have the skills, talents and the knowledge to complete this great task. Partnering with people of faith, using biblical principles will ensure our success. Remember, our ancestors paid a heavy price to ensure we would have the life we now enjoy. We now must do our part to leave a legacy for our children and generations to come.  They did it for us, we can do no less.


"The ‘Word’ has been written and it is plain. Let’s apply it to our relationships in Rebuilding the Walls and God’s People. Let those who can, help those who cannot. We seek time and talent! Our goal is to have a well founded organization by 12-12-12. Join the movement."

-Rev. Eugene Franklin

The National Community-Based Tourism Model


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The Call: Join the movement."

-Eugene Franklin