The National Cultural Heritage Tourism Center, Inc. was created to market and promote cultural heritage tourism destinations to cultural tourist and to people of African Descent. ‘The Center’, in partnership with the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc., Washington, D.C.; markets, advertises, and promotes historical communities, major attractions, tourism related businesses, and cultural arts and entertainment venues across the globe. One Trillion Dollars in disposable income. Imagine what could happen if we took our One Trillion Dollars in disposable income, and connected it with the disposable income of the African Diaspora!! What if, we concentrated on creating cultural heritage destinations, built around our cultural arts, food, music and history? What would happen, if each community created an arts/entertainment venue, dedicated to promoting our culture and heritage? Our people and our culture would prosper, by creating businesses and jobs in the communities!! Eugene Franklin//

In honor of "The Green Book", information is also provided to serve the unique cultural needs of the Diaspora. The National Cultural Heritage Society and its local community based affiliates serves as cultural heritage tourism ambassadors, preservationist and educational advocates. The society each host a signature festival in their community, city, or state to promote cultural heritage tourism. The ultimate goal being the preservation of our past and the education of future generations concerning our culture, our heritage, and our traditions, by celebrating via the arts!!

I am personally inviting you to become a partner/sponsor/member of the National Cultural Heritage Tourism Society and actively support our ‘National Cultural Heritage Tourism Initiative’. The time has come for us to promote our culture and establish our place in the cultural heritage tourism industry. This effort will assist our communities in addressing the issue of poverty and disparity, by creating jobs and business opportunities for our people.

Understand this truth, "Culture produces Wealth!" Our future, as a people, lies in us rediscovering our past in all its richness. Packaging it to serve our own needs and using it to create businesses and jobs for our people. African Americans have almost

Join us!! Let us do this good works! It is time for us to "Rebuild the Walls" in "OUR" culturally rich "Forgotten Communities"! "Village by Village"! //



$100.00 per year

(Includes free business /professional advertisement in the Cultural Heritage Market Place)


Corporate Sponsors 

$1000.00 per year

(Includes free corporate advertisement in the cultural heritage market place and listing on the partners page.)


General Membership 

Individual: $50.00      Students: $25.00 





Sponsor and Membership Levels and Benefits



National Cultural Heritage Society Membership Levels: Corporate Businesses:  

Corporate Businesses: $1000.00***

Small Businesses: $100.00***

Individuals: $50.00 a year

Students: $25.00 a year


Small and Corporate Business Members are entitled to a free business advertisement in the WWW.NCHTC.COM online ‘Cultural Heritage Market Place’.   


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