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The National Cultural Heritage Tourism Center was created to market and promote cultural heritage and tourism destinations of interest to people of African Descent. The Center markets, advertises, and promotes historical  communities, major attractions, tourism related businesses, and cultural arts and entertainment venues. 

In honor of "The Green Book", information is also provided to serve the unique cultural needs of the Diaspora. The National Cultural Heritage Society and its local community based affiliates serves as cultural heritage tourism ambassadors, preservationist and educational advocates. The ultimate goal being the preservation of our past and the education of future generations concerning our culture, our heritage, and our traditions, by celebrating via the arts!!   


Cultural Heritage Tourism!


Culture, heritage and the arts have long appealed to tourist and contributed to their selections of tourism destinations. In recent years ‘culture’ has been rediscovered as an important marketing tool to attract travelers with special interests in culture, heritage and the arts. Cultural heritage tourism is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry. There is a trend and need for travelers to enrich their lives with new cultural experiences. This is evident in the rise in the volume of tourists who seek their heritage, cultural - related experiences and adventures. 



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National Cultural Heritage Tourism & Travel Directory


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The Negro traveler's inconveniences are many and they are increasing because today so many more are traveling, individually and in groups.

-Wendell P. Alston  

Join our “facebook”team and become a “Cultural Heritage Ambassador”!  Tell us about your travel to cultural heritage destinations. Market and promote cultural attractions in your state or city, your museums, galleries, restaurants, shopping and entertainment venues.  But most importantly, tell us about your culture and history, and your people.  We are people of faith that build communities!  Let’s promote our “Forgotten Communities” and “Cultural Festivals” to the World!  

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